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1 Feb 2024

Winter Eye Care Tips 2024

As winter descends and snow blankets the landscape, it's important to pay special attention to eye care amidst the chilly weather conditions. The combination of cold temperatures, dry air, and bright sunlight reflecting off snow can pose unique challenges to eye health. Here are some essential eye care tips to keep in mind during snow days and throughout the winter season.

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9 Jan 2024

The Importance Of An Eye Examination

Annual eye examinations are crucial for maintaining optimal eye health and overall well-being. While many people may only visit an optometrist when they experience noticeable vision changes, routine check-ups offer numerous benefits that extend beyond mere visual acuity.


18 Oct 2023

Top Tips to Safeguard Your Eyes in Autumn

As the vibrant colours of summer transition into the golden hues of autumn, it's important to remember that your eyes need protection from the seasonal changes as well. The shift in weather and daylight can affect eye health, so here are some essential tips to keep your vision crystal clear during this beautiful season.

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16 Nov 2022

Winter Eye Care Tips

During the festive period it is important to remember that protecting our eyes is important during the colder months.


13 Oct 2022

World Sight Day 2022

Today Is World Sight Day, a cause that is observed worldwide on the second Thursday of October every year.

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20 Sep 2022

National Eye Health Week 19-25 September

This week is National Eye Health Week and its more important than ever to know what you can do to protect your sight and what can happen when your eyes aren’t taken care of.


8 Jun 2022

Love Your Lenses Week 2022

13th – 19th June is Love Your Lenses Week, a week dedicated to loving your contact lenses!

World Glaucoma Week hero image

28 Feb 2022

World Glaucoma Week

March 6th – 12th is World Glaucoma Week, a global initiative to raise awareness on glaucoma.

Contact Lenses for Myopia hero image

14 Feb 2022

Contact Lenses for Myopia

Over the last couple of years, more products have become available to manage myopia, reducing its progression and minimising the risk of patients developing myopia related eye conditions later in life.

What To Expect at Your Eye Examination hero image

26 Jan 2022

What To Expect at Your Eye Examination

Do you need to have an eye examination but not sure what to expect? Read our = guide explaining each stage of your eye examination, so you know what to expect when you visit.

Eyecare Tips for Winter hero image

12 Nov 2021

Eyecare Tips for Winter

As the weather drops cooler over the coming months, more people will suffer with dry eye symptoms such as watery and irritated eyes

World Sight Day 2021 hero image

12 Oct 2021

World Sight Day 2021

World Sight Day is an awareness day coordinated by the IAPB – International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

Eye Examinations & Eye Health hero image

8 Sep 2021

Eye Examinations & Eye Health

Did you know 2 million people in the UK are living with sight loss that is severe enough to impact their daily lives?

Driving and Your Vision hero image

17 Aug 2021

Driving and Your Vision

Ensuring you can see properly as a road user is incredibly important. Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses for driving, or don’t need anything at all you must meet the standards of vision for driving to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

5 Reasons You Need Sunglasses hero image

28 Jul 2021

5 Reasons You Need Sunglasses

For many of us, sunglasses can be an afterthought, a thing that we tuck away in our drawers until summer’s heatwave comes to visit.

Back to School hero image

20 Jul 2021

Back to School

As you begin to prepare for the new school year ahead, an eye examination should be something to include on your list before your children go back to school.

Nutrition and Hydration Week hero image

3 Jun 2021

Nutrition and Hydration Week

June 14th – 20th is Nutrition and Hydration week. This awareness week is used to promote the importance of eating the right food and drinking enough water to ensure we are living a healthy life.

5 Things You Need To Know About Myopia hero image

13 May 2021

5 Things You Need To Know About Myopia

We share everything you need to understand about myopia, the effects it can have on your child's eyesight, and how early intervention can help preserve your child's vision for the future.

Sun Awareness Week 2021 hero image

26 Apr 2021

Sun Awareness Week 2021

May 3rd – 9th is Sun Awareness week, a national campaign created by The British Association of Dermatologists to raise awareness of skin cancer and protecting yourself from the sun.

Myopia Management hero image

6 Apr 2021

Myopia Management

Will my children need specs and be short sighted (myopic) like me? If one parent is short-sighted your child has a 1 in 3 chance of being the same or worse. We now have the best opportunity to change this predicted future with an innovative new myopia management lens.

World Glaucoma Week 2021 hero image

24 Feb 2021

World Glaucoma Week 2021

The 7th – 13th March is World Glaucoma week, a dedicated week to raise awareness about glaucoma.

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19 Jan 2021

Eye Fatigue

Eye fatigue has become incredibly common with as many as 90% of computer users reporting symptoms of eye fatigue, and 8 out of 10 millennials experience symptoms related to using digital devices.

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1 Dec 2020

Winter Eye Care

Looking after your eye health is important and whilst eye examinations are a large part of this, there are different things you can do as part of your daily routine to take care of your eyes in between your eye examinations.

Diabetic Retinopathy hero image

2 Nov 2020

Diabetic Retinopathy

Anyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes is at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy, which can lead to blindness if undiagnosed and untreated.

Contact Lenses and Coronavirus hero image

5 Oct 2020

Contact Lenses and Coronavirus

During the Covid-19 pandemic there has been some confusion about contact lens safety.

Nutrition For Eye Health hero image

5 Oct 2020

Nutrition For Eye Health

We all know the importance of eating a balanced diet for our overall health, but it is also incredibly beneficial to our eye health.

Protecting Your Eyes From UV hero image

5 Oct 2020

Protecting Your Eyes From UV

What do you do to protect yourself from UV?

National Eye Health Week 2020 hero image

5 Oct 2020

National Eye Health Week 2020

National Eye Health Week occurs every year in September and is used to promote the importance of good eye health.

Light Intelligent Contact Lenses hero image

5 Oct 2020

Light Intelligent Contact Lenses

Photochromic technology is not something that is new in the eye wear industry.

Managing Your Hay Fever hero image

5 Oct 2020

Managing Your Hay Fever

Do you suffer with hay fever? Almost 18 million people in the UK are affected by hay fever every year.

Article: World Class Eye Examinations hero image

16 Sep 2020

Article: World Class Eye Examinations

We're in the news!

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) hero image

16 Sep 2020

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)

Keeping on top of your eye health

BlephEx® Treatment hero image

16 Sep 2020

BlephEx® Treatment

BlephEx® Treatment for Blepharitis

No More Dry Eyes hero image

16 Sep 2020

No More Dry Eyes

Invest in a warming Eye Bag!

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16 Sep 2020


Be in the know about Myopia

The Effects of Dyslexia and Visual Stress on Your Vision. hero image

16 Sep 2020

The Effects of Dyslexia and Visual Stress on Your Vision.

Visual stress and Dyslexia and how they can impair your vision. Here's how we can help with these issues.