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Frame Spotlight: DITA Cascais

10 Dec 2015

Frame Spotlight: DITA Cascais hero image

You don’t have to be a man to wear Cascais. These bold, strong sunglasses are popular amongst female DITA fans too, such as American model, Terra Grantham. 

Cascais sunglasses are not for the faint hearted. The frame might look heavy, but as it is made from titanium, it is actually lightweight and very comfortable. The nose pads are also crafted from comfortable titanium too, leaving no marks when you take them off.

This modern twist on the classic aviator shape blends black and gold colouring perfectly and the 18K gold plated textured temples ensure all eyes are on you. The slim arms on the Cascais feature black and gold colouring too. With an unusual twin arm feature, this model is tasteful whilst still having a definite edge.

There’s no escaping the opulence with DITA Cascais. And with such strong appeal, they scream exclusivity. You can certainly unleash your inner celebrity wearing these. Unlike common high street brands, DITA eyewear prides itself on low key branding, preferring each model to make its own statement.

Keep on top of your eyewear game by investing in these striking sunglasses. Not only will you strengthen your reputation as a bold trend-setter, you’ll also be keeping in good company with other DITA famous fans, including Jamie Foxx and David Beckham.

DITA sunglasses are born out of love by LA-based designers John Juniper and Jeff Solorio. The brand is heavily influenced by the retro glamour of the fifties right through to the eighties. Juniper and Solorio use these key styles as a base and add their own unique DITA twist.

Built in Japan, to strict manufacturing regulations, DITA Cascais sunglasses are UV protected and feature anti-reflective lens coating. These sunglasses are also available with or without prescription lenses.