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Sunglasses Trends for 2020

5 Oct 2020

Sunglasses Trends for 2020 hero image

A staple for such good weather along with sun cream must be a good pair of sunglasses. Not only do they provide you with protection from UV and make your vision more comfortable, but they are also a great fashion accessory. This year looked like it was going to be a key year for eyewear, with such a variety of trends coming through, and although we may have spent a quarter of the year in lockdown, its not too late to update your sunglasses for this year.

The Bigger The Better

Oversized, exaggerated sunglasses are a favourite, with traditional shapes being vamped up. This style has been seen multiple times on the runway over the last few months, including frames so big they make your face look smaller! Whilst this may not be your style, larger sized sunglasses have been a constant trend for a while. Bigger frames that have also been seen of late include shield shades for everyday and not just on the slopes, these are very bold so if you are looking to make a big statement these may be the frames for you.

Dare to be Odd

Sunglasses aren’t just round or rectangular anymore. From octagonal, to two different lens shapes, to cat eye there are so many different shapes and styles to choose from. Some of these shapes may look odd, but there will be something out there to suit you and your style. Geometric shapes can also help highlight your facial features and give off an interesting look. These shapes are among the top trends for this year and definitely worth a try.

Vintage is Back

Vintage style frames never really went away, yet this time around they seem to be popular for two different audiences. We are seeing these timeless classics being purchased by people who want to revisit their youth and the Gen Z era who see their timeless, and iconic appeal. Retro small shades and aviator styles are the top choice in eyewear trends and popular across a broad age range.

Crystal Clear

Crystal frames have been sought after for quite some time now for their clear colours and stylish finish. Clear frames give off a sleek and classy look and can easily be paired with anything. If you’re looking for a style of glasses to suit every occasion, then crystal is your way to go.


Many sunglasses are timeless pieces, staying current and on trend for a long time so whatever you choose will remain a stylish accessory. For more information about sunglasses and styles contact your local Eye Place.