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DITA Eyewear: Brand in the Spotlight

5 Dec 2015

DITA Eyewear: Brand in the Spotlight hero image

What does it take to become an iconic sunglasses brand?

With so many sunglasses names vying for your attention it can be difficult to

make a decision on the right pair for you.

Here we look at one of our most

desirable brands, DITA and unpack the history behind

them to find out what makes them so special.




DITA eyewear has been the smart choice for the rich-list for over two

decades. DITA is the brainchild of childhood friends, Jeff Solorio and John

Juniper. With their shared passion of design and style, they launched their

first collection of sunglasses in the mid-nineties with none other than the

iconic beauty, Dita Von Teese, as the face of the campaign.





It’s not difficult to see why DITA has such a strong reputation in the luxury

sunglasses market. The eyewear is crafted in Japan, in factories that have

been run by generations of skilled artisans. DITA sunglasses are created from

luxurious materials, such as titanium and 18K gold, using both traditional andsecondguy

modern production techniques. DITA prides itself on delicate attention to

detail to create vintage-inspired glasses, but with a modern twist. This is

reflected in the fact that the production of DITA sunglasses can take up to

twelve months. Compared to mass-produced sunglasses, which can take as

little as two months to manufacture, this highlights the brand as being

dedicated to producing quality and robust glasses.

DITA recently opened a new store in the sophisticated Soho district of New

York. The clean, trendy lines, which have made their sunglasses so popular,

are reflected in the stores design. There are also exciting plans to open a

further store in Sabae, a Japanese town where the skilled DITA craftspeople

are from.


DITA are a forward-thinking, solid brand with a timeless soul. DITA’s iconic

and unrivalled creations have seen fans flock to the brand, including famous

names such as Beyonce and Alexander McQueen. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has

also been the face of the distinguished brand, on the American fashion and

culture magazine, Flaunt.


When it comes to deciding which sunglasses brand you want to invest in,

don’t feel as though you have to follow the herd with regular big name

sunglasses and uninspiring logos. Investing in a niche brand of quality

sunglasses will not only ensure you’re ahead of the pack in the style stakes,

but they will also protect your eyes effectively and last you for years to come.

Innovative design should certainly be a consideration, but ultimately, you

should always look for a brand that is built on integrity, hard work and a

passion for producing high-end, beautifully designed glasses.