The Spectator


16 Sep 2020

EYEVAN 7285 hero image


In January, we added EYEVAN 7285 to our carefully selected brand portfolio. I first noticed the brand some years ago but the availability became limited in the U.K., so it's taken some time for us to finally obtain the collection.


The collection, the quality 

This majority unisex collection is compiled of a combination of acetate and titanium materials, many of which are 12k gold plated. Japanese made, these frames are amongst the highest quality products we stock at OCO in store and online but not quite as pricey as you might expect. For me, Japanese made eyewear is still the best. I'm not suggesting all brands made in Japan will be high quality and those not made in Japan cannot be worth a look, but other brands we stock such as DITA and Thom Browne are prime examples. Many of the models feature titanium nose pads, great to adjust for different bridge fittings but also significantly more aesthetically pleasing than silicone/plastic nose pads. This is a seemingly obvious observation my Dad pointed out sometime ago and I've since wondered why, traditionally, such ugly materials are regularly used for nose pads when they are so visible on the face. More eyewear brands need to take note. 


My reasons for wanting to offer this product to our customers have been justified by their reactions; the proof is in the pudding. The frames themselves haven't needed much explanation/justification so far in our Spitalfields store, the feel and look of the frames do most of the talking. 

The brand

EyeVan have a distinctive style which, for me, is somewhere between vintage/timeless and super suave. The brand certainly have their finger on the trend pulse with their light, vintage wash lenses in the sunglasses collection and their teeny tiny oval optical shapes. In my opinion, the value for money when investing in a pair of these is high. The detailing is beautiful visually, lots of filigree and from experience, I know we won't have any problem with manufacturing faults. There's a folding pair (model #) which also has adjustable temples (sides). I've only seen one other brand execute this feature well to date, the new Mr Leight collection (coming soon to OCO). 


Who should wear EyeVan?

I'd say someone anyone looking for a long lasting, durable product. I'd even go as far as to say EyeVan are perfect for the eyewear connoisseur as a valuable addition to their collection. Or more simply, anyone looking for a good quality pair of glasses or sunglasses that also look 'on point'.

Who's wearing them?

If you're still not quite sold and this kind of thing interests you (even if you don't admit it!) Brad Pitt has been spotted wearing EyeVan sunglasses.