The Spectator

25 Years of DITA

11 Aug 2021

25 Years of DITA hero image

With a reputation of excellence and innovation, DITA is celebrating 25 years of producing luxury, timeless eyewear.

DITA is all about artistry, innovation and craftmanship. The production of each frame can take as many as 320 different steps over a period of 8 months, using a balance of traditional and modern production techniques at each stage to achieve the best result.

The master craftsmen at DITA have dedicated 50 years perfecting their craft, transforming the worlds finest acetates and metals such as 18k gold and titanium into luxurious eyewear. DITA prides itself on attention to detail and proudly print their name on every frame. The word luxury has been so overused that it has almost been rendered meaningless, however DITA is one of the few remaining brands that delivers on genuine luxury.

DITA uses CAD technology to assist in the hyper technical design aspects, custom made metal dies to create the iconic shapes and designs and each eye rim wire is carefully hand measured and shaped by the skilled craftsmen in the factory.

Inspired by the vintage era, DITA launched their first collection of sunglasses with burlesque beauty queen, Dita Von Teese as the face of their campaign. The eyewear and sunglasses are timeless and iconic, it’ easy to see why celebrities have been seen flaunting the distinguished brand.

If you’re looking for a product that is ahead of the trend, is made to last and protect your eyes, DITA is the brand to invest in.