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Meet Our Newest Piece of Technology

Meet Our Newest Piece of Technology hero image

Towards the end of 2020 we introduced a new piece of equipment to a selection of our Eye Place branches. At The Eye Place, it is our prerogative to provide our patients with the best quality of care using the newest and best technology available in Optometry and our dispensing technology is no different.

The visuReal Master is an easy to use, automated video centration system, providing our dispensing opticians with precise centration and alignment of lenses within a frame to achieve maximum performance for each patient.

The device looks like a normal mirror, however when a patient is position in front of it wearing their eyewear of choice, the system selects 2 of the 6 integrated cameras that are best suited for the patient’s height and face to capture two frontal images.

Once the images have been taken, all the relevant data appears on the iPad for the dispensing optician to be able to order your lenses to the precise measurements taken by the mirror. It’s a fast and easy process without the need for heavy setup clips or turning the head during measuring.

Your new lenses will be ordered using these bespoke measurements, creating lenses specific to you and your requirements.

Whilst this piece of technology is a permanent fixture at The Eye Place, it has proved incredibly useful during the pandemic. As the patient stands in front of the mirror for the measurements to be taken, the dispensing opticians are not required to be near the patients, providing a socially distanced method of dispensing spectacles.

For more information about the technology at The Eye Place or our COVID-19 measures, please contact your local Eye Place today.