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Protecting your eyes over the Christmas period


As the weather has already dropped dramatically in recent weeks and looks as if it will continue to be in the single digits for the foreseeable future, more and more people will suffer, or begin to suffer, with symptoms of dry eyes, including irritated, red eyes and sensitivity to light.

Dry Eyes can occur to anyone, however you are more likely to suffer as you get older, so keeping yourself hydrated by drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses everyday will keep moisture in your eyes and will decrease the chances of suffering with dry eyes. You should also consider using eye drops with mild symptoms.

Another way to help with your eyes is to add moisture back into the air using a humidified. Adding moisture back into the environment you're in, whether that be at home, in a car or a workspace, doing so will help reduce dry eye symptoms.

With it being much colder and windier outside you may also want to consider a pair of sunglasses as they will help prevent dry eye symptoms worsening and will also protect you from harmful UV rays. During the summer it is normal to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes but damage can still be done during the winter period as the UV rays are still prominent and have more surfaces to reflect off due to snow and ice being present.

At The Eye Place we have a wide selection of sunglasses from a variety of brands available with prescription and non-prescription lenses, as well as products, including eye drops, that will help treat your dry eyes. Stop by your local Eye Place to find out more.