The Spectator

Ortho K

16 Sep 2020

Ortho K hero image

Don't want to wear your spectacles?

Contact lenses dry out at work?

Don't want to risk laser?

Do you fancy going to sleep and waking up being able to see perfectly for the whole day without specs or contact lenses?

Answer yes then investigate Ortho K with the Eye Place.

Here comes the science:

Ortho K utilises the same principal as laser but it's safe and not permanent, essentially in ortho K we flatten the front surface if the eye across the pupil to focus the image but now sharply on the back of the eye, the retina. Essentially this is non permanent corneal re shaping with the use of over night wear of specialised contact lenses so when you wake you remove the lenses and see clearly all day aid free!

Please contact your local branch to have a conversation/consultation with your optometrist about your suitability.