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No More Dry Eyes

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One of the most frequently diagnosed ophthalmic conditions is dry eye syndrome otherwise known as blepharitis and MGD.

This is a normal aging process which is further enhanced by the individual's enviroment and further underlying health conditions and medication.

The symptoms manifest as a variety of ways including sensations such as dry, gritty and irritated as well as at times waterey eyes. The most effective form of management is warming the eyelids to stimulate tear production and the best device to do so is the eye bag.

This is a device that is a warming bag that goes in the microwave which heats to precisely the correct temperature and is then placed over shut eyes to aid the flow of the tear film so not only does it do you good it also feels very relaxing.

This device has been designed by ophthamologist Teifi James and is registered as a grade 1 medical device. They are effective but have a life time expectancy of 6 months after which they are no longer as effective as they were!

Please pop back into us with your old eyebag and will will give you £5.00 off the next one as we send the old eyebags for recycling. If your main reason for not maintaining this treatment regime is the fact you do not have a microwave then there is a new device being released on to the market which heats to the correct temperature but doesn't need a microwave! Please contact your local practice for more information.