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World Sight Day 2022


Today Is World Sight Day, a cause that is observed worldwide on the second Thursday of October every year.

Continuing the theme from last year, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) announced that this year’s theme will once again be “Love Your Eyes”. This comes after a successful campaign last year when 3.5 million individuals pledged to prioritize their eye health.


The Love Your Eyes campaign asks people to take care of their eye health and to bring attention to the over 1 billion people worldwide who have vision impairments but do not have access to eye care services. 

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It is recommended that you get an eye test at least once every two years or earlier if you’re experiencing any problems with your vision. At The Eye Place we offer a range of eye examinations with the health of your eyes our top priority. We recommend Optomap imaging at every eye examination as it is the most accurate way to assess and record an overview of your eye health.


Call or pop in to your local Eye Place practice to find out more about our eye examinations.