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Brand Spotlight - ic! berlin

7 Jan 2021

Brand Spotlight - ic! berlin hero image

The Eye Place has a collection of eyewear to be envied, with household names, to luxury eyewear made from natural materials and precious metals.

Up and coming brand ic! berlin has just been introduced to our Dore practice, adding to their fashionable selection of spectacles.

Founded in 1996, ic! berlin produces some of the finest, handmade eyewear in a variety of materials. At their main headquarters in Berlin, Germany they have more than 180 craftsmen, engineers and technicians who ensure that every frame is hand built and handled with precision and care.

The eyewear produced is a combination of stainless steel, titanium, synthetic and natural materials with an original no-screw hinge design, resulting in lightweight, robust and flexible spectacles.

Ic! berlin’s ethos is that anyone can belong. Their story is about attitude, and not letting anyone define who you are.

‘This freedom to be who you want to be, who you can be, say what you think and to express your true and inner self, is reflected in each ic! berlin frame.

Their latest collection of eyewear – Run The City is dedicated to the eccentricity and individualism of Berlin, it’s not the borders, monuments, wall or buildings that shape berlin but the people who live in it. The combination of shapes, colours and materials of the eyewear blend alleged opposites, ‘unisex but feminine, effortless but luxurious, edgy but sensual.’


The current collection appears sleek and sophisticated in design yet creates a statement for the wearer. The lightweight and screwless design is often appealing to many, as it makes the everyday wearing of spectacles effortless.