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Public Service Broadcasting & Gotti Switzerland

16 Sep 2020

Public Service Broadcasting & Gotti Switzerland hero image

Gotti & PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING collaboration from The Eye Place

Thank you to Gotti who recently wrote the below Blog:

The Götti glasses are part of their uniform on stage. We met three the musicians of the band Public Service Broadcasting in London. That night the band played at the Royal Albert Hall. What an experience!

What’s the story behind your current album?
Our most recent release was a 4-track EP about the Titanic, called White Star Liner. We were asked by the BBC to write something to play on the slipway where the ship was built; I think they thought we’d write one song, but we ended up writing 4 and trying to tell the story of the ship in 4 parts, namely building, setting sail, sinking, and discovering the wreck.

What creative power drives you?
John Willgoose: Ha, that’s very difficult to answer. A certain kind of restlessness, I suppose. I feel dissatisfied and uncomfortable whenever I’m not actively working on something. Even if I weren’t doing this for a living I think I’d have to be doing something creative, or I’d go mad.

Which band/song is your latest rediscovery, something that one should definitely listen to?
John Willgoose: I really liked the Boy Azooga album from last year – there are two or three really immediate songs on it but the others are just as good and emerge over time. I’ve listened to that album a lot.

Where in London did you discover your glasses?
We were very kindly looked after by The Eye Place on Fleet Street – they helped us pick some frames and took our prescriptions.

You usually don’t go onto the stage without glasses, what in particular do you like about them?
John Willgoose: I suppose it’s our uniform. When we started I didn’t actually ‘need’ to wear glasses but that was ten years ago and I tend to wear them every day now – I’m basically morphing into my on-stage look as it just seems to be easier!

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