MiYOSMART Myopia Management Lens

An innovative new lens has been designed by Hoya specifically for myopia management. The MiYOSMART lens has undergone a 2-year clinical trial with results showing that children wearing the MiYOSMART spectacle lenses had a reduction of 60% in their myopia progression compared to those wearing single vision lenses.

The lens includes DIMS technology which comprises of hundreds of small segments to create myopic defocus. This lens structure makes it possible to simultaneously provide clear vision and retard the growth of the eyeball. The MiYOSMART lens needs to be worn constantly for myopic defocus to be experienced by the wearer. Cosmetically, the lens does not look any different to a standard single vision lens and is made from polycarbonate 1.59 to ensure it is durable and impact resistant. The low maintenance, multi-layer coating is easy to clean making it suitable for children.

This product only available for purchase in-store, not online.