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The World's Most Advanced Eye Exam is here

Over the best part of two decades, Alex has created a custom level of eye examination which is now The Eye Place standard. Taking place in The Eye Place's Eye Lab, The Comprehensive Plus Exam harnesses the full power of specialist eye health technology, analysed by our highly experienced and knowledgeable Optometrists, making it one of the most comprehensive eye examinations in the world.

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We’re experts in matching faces up to their perfect frames! From super premium brands to on trend luxury must-haves and to mid range and budget names we have your perfect match.

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Contact Lenses

Sometimes life’s just easier without glasses. Our range of contacts promote not only excellent vision but you can choose them to fit in with your life.

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St John’s Wood


The Eye Place at Schuller Opticians 33 St John's Wood High St London NW8 7NH

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Schuller Opticians

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Jane Franklin


The best place to buy your glasses in the whole of London. I have been looked after by Schuller for over 25 years. The staff really know what they are doing and offer the best care to customers - both as ophthalmologists and as a sales team. I had my annual eye test today and was thoroughly impressed with the expertise of Farhaan, who undertook all manner of tests with the most modern technology. Over the years I have had various symptoms and issues with my eyes which they have diagnosed immediately and pointed me in the direction of the right specialists. When my daughter was little she had a very bad squint and they recommended a surgeon who fixed it. Whilst they stock a few designers, I am a loyal devotee of Laura Imami’s collections in particular because she designs frames that are completely unique, durable, and made with the best quality materials. It is easy to spot the difference between a beautifully crafted frame and those which are mass produced. There really is no contest. I am ashamed to say that I have bought loads of her frames because they are works of art. The staff are invested in their customers which is rare today and to be valued. This is the reason why their client base has built over decades. It really is the best around - both for care of your eyes and stocking the coolest and best made face furniture.

5 months ago

Ronnie McDowall


Both this store and the Lambs Conduit Store are fabulous shops. Run by really nice people who all wear the funkiest specs of course!

4 years ago

Frances Lynn


My mother has Macular Degeneration, so because it can be hereditary I need to have an eye test every year. Mr Schuller is the most thorough optician I've ever been to, and I’m impressed by his advanced technology. Laura Imami, the eyewear designer works on the premises in the St Johns Wood branch. Her original frames are so well made, I am confident my four pairs of her glasses will see me out!

2 months ago

Eph Rosenthal-Vine


I have known Schuller opticians for years, and I can't praise it enough. Baruch Sculler is a first class optician like no other. I have had many sorry experiences with various opticians until I found him. He is a true expert, of the kind you have to look hard to find, especially in those chains where you don't see the same person twice, and you have no way about their qualifications and quality. With Schuller opticians you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of high quality and up to date knowledge and technology. If you are also looking to buy frames from your opticians, you will not find NHS frames here. But you will find a range of classical and fashionable frames where again the emphasis is not on hype but on quality. Quality frames are long lasting. I have mine for years and years. And the two shops employ staff who is like good stylists in terms of advising you on the frame that fits your face. Schuller opticians don't invest in advertising. They don't need to. I teeach branding at the university and I marvel at this type of business which has such a strong brand, that it doesn't need to use spin or effects to distinguish itself from the crowd. Schuller's publicity is through word of mouth!

9 years ago