OCO Spitalfields

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OCO Spitalfields, London

Spitalfields has fast become one of the trendiest places in London due to its well-known fashion, arts, and food market. The Eye Place at OCO is located well within the fashion centre of Spitalfields and offers one of the most advanced eye examinations available in the UK and exclusive eye wear brands. OCO was acquired by The Eye Place group in 2019 with the aim of expanding OCO’s strong focus on technology and combining it with the unrivalled eye care standards of The Eye Place.

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The World's Most Advanced Eye Exam is here

Over the best part of two decades, Alex has created a custom level of eye examination which is now The Eye Place standard. Taking place in The Eye Place's Eye Lab, The Comprehensive Plus Exam harnesses the full power of specialist eye health technology, analysed by our highly experienced and knowledgeable Optometrists, making it one of the most comprehensive eye examinations in the world.

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We’re experts in matching faces up to their perfect frames! From super premium brands to on trend luxury must-haves and to mid range and budget names we have your perfect match.

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Contact Lenses

Sometimes life’s just easier without glasses. Our range of contacts promote not only excellent vision but you can choose them to fit in with your life.

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OCO Spitalfields


OCO Optometric - Spitalfields 28 Hanbury Street Spitalfields London E1 6QR

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