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Contact Lenses

Feel the freedom of a contact lens

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Daily disposable

Easy, convenient and healthy method of vision correction. A full spectrum of requirements met from the basic to hi end technology, there are a variety of lens designs.

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For those of you that are used to solutions and don’t like the idea of disposing of something every day, slightly more environmentally friendly, this is the answer for you.

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Ortho K

Vision correction while you sleep! Get up in the morning, take your lenses out, work, play and live, see well all day. Specialised lenses that are specifically designed for you to wear over night to gently mould your eye into a shape that reduces your myopia. Can also be used to reduce increasing myopia in children.

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Tailor made

Every prescription and a variety of needs can be met with technology available today. If off the peg doesn’t work for you then come visit us for bespoke made contact lenses that will meet your requirements.

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Gas permeable lenses

Over looked by many however great quality of vision and great quality of materials, generally a six monthly to yearly replacement and again made specifically for you.

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Like multifocal spectacles there are multifocal contact lenses available too, available in daily, bi weekly, monthly and bespoke mode of wear.

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On average, 70% of the population have astigmatism to some degree. Astigmatic corrective lenses are available in all modes of disposable and bespoke contact lens wear.

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Overnight wear lenses

There are circumstances when it is just easier, more practical to sleep in lenses, we supply lenses that are safe and licensed for this task.

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Bi monthly

If monthly is too long but daily still doesn’t appeal this is the perfect half way house solution.

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MiSight Myopia Management

These 1 day contact lenses use ActivControl™ technology to slow the increase of axial length and myopia progression while correcting your child’s vision.

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